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Fruit Varieties Journal
(Fruit Var J)

American Pomological Society

Volume 28 Number 2 Article 8 Pages: 46-48
Year 1974 Month 4
Title: The American Pomological Society and Its Value to Apple Producers
Author: H.W. Fogle
The American Pomological Society is honored to meet again with North Carolina apple growers. Only 8 years ago, the two groups met jointly here in Asheville. Between these two meetings, the Society has met jointly in winter meetings with fruit growers in Iowa, Virginia, Wisconsin and Minnesota, Arkansas, Niagara Peninsula in Canada, Colorado and Ohio in successive years.
Perhaps one shouldn't need to explain the meaning and objectives of a Society almost 125 years old. Probably most of you have had some contact with the Society, and I know several of you are memebers. For those who haven't encountered the word, pomology means simply the science and practice of fruit growing. The term rightfully refers to all fruits, including of course the tree fruits, cane fruits, andberry crops.

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