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Fruit Varieties and Horticultural Digest
(J Fruit Var & Hort Digest)

American Pomological Society

Volume 22 Number 3 Article 6 Pages: 52-52
Year 1968 Month 7
Title: A Report from the Balsgard Fruit Breeding Institute
Author: N. Nybom
The Balsgard Fruit Breeding Institute is releasing the following three new varieties this year: The summer apple, 'Katja'; a very early plum, 'Gilbert'; and the very early-ripening and grey mold-resistant strawberry, 'Kristina'.
The apple, 'Katja', ripens with one of its parents, 'James Grieve'. From its other parent, 'Worcester Permain', it gets its mildew resistance. The fruit of 'Katja' is a very attractive red, has a very firm flesh, and good handling and shipping quality. It should make a good commercial apple.
The plum, 'Gilbert', most closely resembles one parent, 'Ruth Gerstetter', and we hope it will be the earliest plum on the market. It has much better dessert quality and makes a healthier tree than 'Ruth Gerstetter'. Its other parent is 'Ontario'.
The strawberry, 'Kristina', is a cross between 'Senga Sengana', which it closely resembles with regard to both plant and fruit, and 'Valentine', from which it has inherited extreme earliness and resistance to Botrytis. The berries are firm enough to handle and ship quite well.
A very interesting "departure" is represented by the Vescana strawberry hybrids being developed by our breeder, Mrs. Annelise Bauer and her husband, Dr. Rudolph Bauer, of the Max Planck Institute, of Cologne, Germany. Figure 1, shows the Bauers amidst the Vescana material. The Vescanas are decaploid hybrids of ordinary strawberries and Fragaria vesca. They have very erect fruit clusters, which seem to be well suited for mechanical harvesting. They are "self-hulling" (the calyx remains on the plant), and the relatively few berries per infloresence, ripen relatively evenly. So far, these hybrids are still under development, and there is as yet no material ready for distribution.


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