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Fruit Varieties and Horticultural Digest
(J Fruit Var & Hort Digest)

American Pomological Society

Volume 2

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March 1947, Number 1
The Effect of Spring Frosts on Fruit BlossomsWm.S. Clark, Jr.3
The Newer BlueberriesG.A. Morse6
The Apple Variety Situation in New EnglandJ.K. Shaw7
A National Appraisal of Peach VarietiesJ.T. Bregger9
Varieties and PrinciplesW.H. Chandler13
Avocado Varieties in FloridaH.S. Wolfe14
Nut Varieties For New York StateL.H. MacDaniels17
Peach Varieties in Central WashingtonJ.H. Schultz19
Strawberry Breeding, by the U.S. Department of AgricultureG.M. Darrow23
July 1947, Number 2
The National Strawberry Variety SurveyJ.T. Bregger35
Experience With Sweet Cherry VarietiesW.R. Clarke37
The Michigan Peach Breeding ProjectS. Johnston39
Red Raspberry Varieties in MassachusettsA.P. French40
Nut Varieties in OregonC.E. Schuster43
The Ideal Peach — Desirable Fruit CharacteristicsW.W. Teichman45
Rare Varieties NeededAPS50
Success With Everbearing StrawberriesK. Michener51
The Malling Apple RootstocksH.B. Tukey53
September 1947, Number 3
Peach RootstocksL. Havis67
Cherimoya Varieties in CaliforniaC.A. Schroeder68
The McIntosh AppleH.A. Rollins71
Grapes: An Expanding Industry in WashingtonL.R. Bryant74
Why Varieties Have Failed N.E. Stevens75
Varieties in Apple Collection at Pennsylvania State CollegeWm.S. Clark, Jr.82
Dwarf Apple Trees at the Kentucky Experiment StationC.S. Waltman83
A Principle For Maint Aining Earthworms in Farm SoilsH. Hopp and P.J. Linder 85
November 1947, Number 4
Program for the Centennial Fruit CongressS. Johnston99
The Ideal Peach, Characteristics of the TreeW.W. Teichman100
Yields of Apple Varieties, A Clew to Profits and LossesA.B. Cole101
Avocado Varieties in Puerto RicoE.P. Hume103
Let's Take Another Look at HardinessW.G. Brierley106
The Baldwin Apple, 1740 to the PresentJ.H. Waring110
Notes on Blackberries in KentuckyW.D. Armstrong113
Varieties of Fruit Suitable for Cultivation in IrelandAPS116