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Fruit Varieties and Horticultural Digest
(J Fruit Var & Hort Digest)

American Pomological Society

Volume 1 Number 1 Article 7 Pages: 14-14
Year 1946 Month 3
Title: New Fruit and Nuts Variety Lists Committee
Author: H.P. Gould
In the very inception of the American Pomological Society the basic interest related to fruit varieties and fruit variety names. These same interests, in one phase or another, have continued to characterize the work of the Society and to make it unique in American horticulture. These interests have been varied and with wide ramifications.

one feature is represented by the work of the committee on New Fruit and Nut Variety Lists, which has been especially conspicuous since 1920. The objective in this work has been, and still is, to bring together and maintain lists of all newly published variety names of the different kinds of fruits and nuts. These lists contain a concise historical statement of the origin, propagation and introduction of each variety and a characterization or brief description of each one. This information is secured from horticultural magazines and trade papers, Horticultural Society reports, Experiment Station publications, nursery catalogs, and a wide range of other papers and magazines in which information regarding newly introduced varieties can be obtained. Correspondence is carried on with originators, introducers, nurserymen and others who can help.

Many New Fruits Listed

The lists of new fruits and nuts which are compiled as indicated above, are published in the Proceedings of the American Pomological Society. From 1920 to 1943 inclusive, these lists contained 3933 fruits and 1004 nuts, making a total of 4937 new variety introductions. The 393 j new fr:uits may be subdivided into the following groups: apple 754, crab apple 94, pear 238, apricot 133, peach 601, nectarine, 63, plum 336, cherry 155, citrus 88, subtropical and tropical 334, grape 331, strawberry 371, raspberry 153, dewberry and blackberry 117, currant and gooseberry 114, and miscellaneous berries 51.

Listings to be Continued

The work of this committee will be continued indefinitely. Anyone who knows of a new variety name which was published anywhere in American literature since 1944 can help in this work by sending the name and other essential in' formation to Dr. H. P. Gould at 3126 Monroe St. N.E., Washington 18, D.C.


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