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XI International Mango Symposium

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Conveners   I. Bally, L. Tran-Nguyen, B. Williams 
Editors   I. Bally, L. Tran-Nguyen, D. Hall 
25 November 2017 
ISBN   978-94-62611-79-5 
ISSN   0567-7572 (print)   2406-6168 (electronic) 
Number of articles   58 
Place   Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia 
Online articles:
Floral morphology of seven Mangifera species (N. Ledesma, R.J. Campbell, H.W. Poor, J.J. Figueroa, S. Zona)
Growing conditions do not affect allometric estimation of fresh fruit weight, but affect estimation of dry fruit weight of 'Kent' mango (J. Diatta, J.-Y. Rey, B. Sine, F. Normand)
Development of maturity standards for a new Australian mango cultivar, 'NMBP-1243' (R. Henriod, D. Sole)
Antioxidant capacity, polyphenol, vitamin C and minerals in mango pulp and peel (Xiaowei Ma, Hongxia Wu, Wentian Xu, Songbiao Wang, Quansheng Yao, Yigang Zhou)
Effect of Ca(NO3)2 or KNO3/Ca(NO3)2 floral initiation spray schedules on flowering intensity and yield in 'Keitt' mango, and the additional effect of spraying with Speedfol during flowering (S.A. Oosthuyse, F. Garziera)
Use of mango root DNA density to quantify differences in mango fine-root distribution (S.L. Bithell, L.T.T. Tran-Nguyen, M.N. Hearnden, A.C. McKay, D.M. Hartley)
Preliminary results from the Small Tree-High Productivity Initiative (P. Ibell, I.S.E. Bally, C.L. Wright, J. Wilkie, R. Kolala, A. Mizani)
Long-term trunk strangulation reduces photosynthesis, sap flow and growth, but improves flowering and plant water status of mango trees (P. Lu, M. Murray, S.L. Bithell)
Breeding for low vigour in mango (I.S.E. Bally, J. De Faveri)
Promising new mango cultivars through natural open-pollinated crosses using polycross nurseries in mango breeding (C.F. Human, S. Willemse, A.D. Sippel)
Diversity and differentiation of mango populations from eastern Kenya (M.E.M. Toili, F.K. Rimberia, A.B. Nyende, D. Sila)
Interspecific hybrids between Mangifera indica and related species (N. Ledesma, R.J. Campbell, M. Hass, T.B. Campbell)
Two new mango cultivars from Australia: 'Lady Jane' and 'Lady Grace' (K. Rayner, P. Lu)
Can molecular markers be used to predict parentage to simplify mango breeding strategies? (N.L. Dillon, L.A. Hucks, C.L. Wright, I.S.E. Bally)
Molecular characterization of local mango (Mangifera indica L.) germplasm in Oman (L. Al Washahi, H. Al Shamsi, N. Dillon, N. Sharma, B. Al Qamashoui, A. Al Saadi)
Characterization of mango Flowering Locus T (FT) and Terminal Flower 1 (TFL1) genes (S.N. Vyavahare, B. Krishna, S.S. Joshi, R.S. Chaudhari, V.R. Subramaniam, P.V. Sane)
Roles of Flowering Locus T (FT) and Terminal Flower 1 (TFL1) in flowering of mango (B. Krishna, S.N. Vyavahare, R.S. Chaudhari, VR. Subramaniam, P. V. Sane)
Evaluation of potting media for rapid growth of mango nursery plants (I. Ul Haq, A. Ghaffar, H. Umar, I.S.E. Bally)
Raising healthy seedling rootstocks of mango (N. Memon, I.S.E. Bally, F.S. Fateh, M. Memon, L. Kumar)
Mango canopy management: new approaches to old issues (F. Normand, P.-É. Lauri)
When is the best time to apply postharvest nitrogen fertiliser? (P. Ibell, I.S.E. Bally, C.L. Wright, C. Maddox)
Effect of tree leaf N status and N application time on yield and fruit N partitioning of mango (D. Hamilton, C. Martin, M. Bennet, M. Hearnden, C.A. Asis)
Sulphur stocks in 'Sindhri' mango soils in Sindh, Pakistan, in relation to leaf tissue analysis (M. Memon, M.B. Dalwani, K.S. Memon, F.S. Fateh, I.S.E. Bally, N. Memon, M.S. Akhtar, S.A. Sheikh, G.B. Pusio, Q. Chachar)
Variation of inflorescence character in response to GA3 application at advancing stages of terminal floral bud differentiation in mango (S.A. Oosthuyse)
Effects of the percentage of terminal flowering on postharvest fruit quality in mango (Mangifera indica) 'Calypso'™ (A. Mizani, P. Ibell, I.S.E. Bally, C.L. Wright, R. Kolala)
Standardization of a package of practices for mango cultivars 'Alphonso', 'Ratna' and 'Totapuri' under ultra-high-density planting (A.U. Chaudhari, B. Krishna, V.R. Balasubrahmanyam)
Do soil applications of fulvic acid applied with potassium sulphate influence mango fruit quality? (P. Ibell, I.S.E. Bally, C.L. Wright, C. Maddox)
Effect of girdling mango trees in May prior to flowering in August on flowering, fruit size, yield and fruit physico-chemical characteristics at harvest and ripening (S.A. Oosthuyse)
Cultivation of mango trees in reclaimed desert regions of Egypt (S.A. Oosthuyse)
Nutrient evaluation of 'Sindhri' mango orchards at two growth stages (M. Memon, A.A. Goraya, K.S. Memon, F.S. Fateh, I.S.E. Bally, M.R. Kazmi, S.A. Sheikh, M.Y. Channa, T.A. Sial)
The mango disease trilogy (R. Ploetz)
A review of the role for natural defences in the management of Colletotrichum rotting of ripe mangoes (N.K.B. Adikaram, L.C. Karunanayake, G.D. Sinniah, C.L. Abayasekara, S. Komala Vithanage, D.M.D. Yakandawala)
Management of blossom malformation in mangoes with chemical control (T. Botha)
Mango malformation in South Africa: occurrence of conidia of Fusarium mangiferae on malformed panicles and leaves (M.H. Schoeman, N.B. Zulu, F.A. Botha)
How constitutive defences affect the development of postharvest anthracnose and stem-end rot in mango fruit (L.C. Karunanayake, G.D. Sinniah, N.K.B. Adikaram, C.L. Abayasekara)
Mango resistance to fruit fly: method of evaluation, resistant cultivars and resistance factors (C.J. Rossetto, R.L. Carvalho, J.M.M. Walder)
In-situ extraction by solid-phase micro-extraction and comparison of volatile compounds in mango cultivars (Mangifera indica L.) resistant and susceptible to the fruit fly Anastrepha obliqua Macquart (Diptera: Tephritidae) (C.D. Tosta, A.A. Silva, M.C. Pinto, V.E. Machado, A.J. Cavalheiro)
Arthropod communities in mango orchards during the flowering season in Reunion Island: effects of agroecological and agrochemical practices (M. Jacquot, M. Atiama, D. Muru, F. Chiroleu, M. Tenailleau, S. Gasnier, J. Rochat, S. Plessix, M.-L. Moutoussamy, C. Ajaguin Soleyen, J.-P. Deguine)
Identification of secondary metabolites associated with protection against mango gall fly infestation and blossom malformation (W.A Augustyn, T. Regnier, S. Combrinck)
Mango gall midges on Australia's doorstep (P. Kolesik, A. Rice, B. Thistleton, D. Tenakanai, V. Quintao, C.D.R. Medina, M.M. Thein, C.H. Heng, L.A. Halling, F. Tsatsia, G.A. Bellis)
Morphological and molecular characterization of the various species of Procontarinia (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae) attacking mango in the Philippines (C.D.R. Medina, S.J.Q. Ronquillo, M.S. Mendioro, P. Kolesik, I. Newton)
Orthops palus (Heteroptera: Miridae), a major pest of mango in Reunion Island (M. Atiama, H. Delatte, C. Simiand, M.-L. Moutoussamy, T. Schmitt, B. Béziat, J.-P. Deguine)
Insect pests affecting the production of mango in South Africa (T. Grové, M.S. De Beer)
Localization of populations of Scirtothrips dorsalis Hood collected from various mango-growing areas in the Philippines (C.D.R. Medina, J.J.G. Apolinario)
Potential factors that contribute to resin canal discoloration in mango fruit (A.J. Macnish, C.A. McConchie, P.J. Hofman, D.C. Joyce)
Alternative methods to control postharvest disease of mango (M. Chillet, S. Andrianjafinandrasana, J. Minier, P. Danthu, I. Ratsimiala Ramonta, M. Lechaudel)
X-ray microtomography of mango tissue breakdown development due to chilling injury (D. Cantre, E. Herremans, P. Verboven, M.L.A.T.M. Hertog, B.M. Nicolai)
Anatomy of skin disorders afflicting Australian mangoes (A.T. San, R.I. Webb, D.C. Joyce, P.J. Hofman, A.J. Macnish, H.E. Smyth)
Suitability of South African mango cultivars for agro-processing (T. Regnier, W.A. Augustyn, K. de Jager, S. Willemse)
In-transit ripening of mango fruit: concepts and considerations (K. Mott, P.J. Hofman, D.C. Joyce, A.J. Macnish, B. Bhandari)
Trends in world mango production and marketing (V. Galán Saúco)
An assessment of current status, future trends and opportunities for improving mango production in Ghana (D. Komayire)
Marketing and value chain of 'Gedong Gincu' mango with its labeling and packaging (Y. Deliana, S. Fatimah, A. Charina)
Economic impact of generic mango promotion programs on the demand for mangos in USA (R.W. Ward, L. Ortega, W. Watson)
An integrated multidisciplinary approach to developing value-added products: a case study of mango pickle production and marketing by women in a poor rural village (X. Sun, R.J. Collins, A.J. Dunne, A.A. Khooharo, A. Panhwar)
Study of mango marketing system in selected districts of Sindh province, Pakistan (M.I. Kumbhar, M. Joyo, M. Memon, A.A. Khooharo, A.S. Kumbhar)
Opportunities and constraints in building improved domestic mango value chains in Pakistan (M. Mehdi, A.J. Dunne, R.J. Collins, A. Adeel)
Mango value chain improvement through postharvest research and development: a developing country case study (A.U. Malik, M. Amin, M.S. Mazhar, P.J. Johnson, P. Hofman, J. Campbell, R. Holmes, A. Rehman, A.J. Dunne, M. Mehdi, A. Adeel, S. Ayyaz, T. Sun, R.J. Collins)

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