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ISHS Acta Horticulturae 1151

V International Symposium on Cucurbits

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Conveners   F. Pérez Alfocea, M.L. Gómez-Guillamón 
Editors   M.L. Gómez-Guillamón, J.A. Fernández, F. Pérez Alfocea 
20 March 2017 
ISBN   978-94-62611-47-4 
ISSN   0567-7572 (print)   2406-6168 (electronic) 
Number of articles   44 
Place   Cartagena, Murcia, Spain 
Online articles:
The genetic control of fruit morphology in Cucumis melo L. (A.J. Monforte)
Global challenges for the future of watermelon breeding (E. Sarria)
Next-generation sequencing-based QTL mapping for unravelling causative genes associated with melon fruit quality traits (V. Portnoy, I. Gonda, N. Galpaz, G. Tzuri, S. Lev, M. Kenigswald, Z. Fei, O. Barad, R. Harel-Beja, A. Doron-Faigenboim, E. Bar, U. Sa¿ar, Y. Xu, N. Lombardi, L. Mao, C. Jiao, G. Kol, A. Gur, E. Fallik, Y. Tadmor, Y. Burger, A.A. Schaffer, J. Giovannoni, E. Lewinsohn, N. Katzir)
Biochemical changes in squash hybrid seeds at different stages of maturation (P.P. Silva, D.C.F.S. Dias, W.M. Nascimento)
Evaluation of Cucumis sativus ontogeny in open field, low, medium and high cost greenhouses in warm tropical regions of Ecuador (G.A. Salcedo, M. Pérez-Saiz, J. Reca-Cardeña, M.T. Lao-Arenas)
Tolerance to ToLCNDV in Cucurbita spp. (C. Sáez, C. Martínez, M. Ferriol, S. Manzano, M. Jamilena, C. López, B. Picó)
Genetic diversity analysis of Iranian melon (Cucumis melo L.) accessions using ISSR markers (M. Maleki, A. Shojaeiyan, S. Rashidi-Monfared)
Assessment of genetic diversity on snake melon (Cucumis melo var. flexuosus) using ISSR markers in Iran (N. Dastranji, A. Shojaeiyan, M. Falahati-Anbaran)
Identification of QTL associated with fruit traits in linkage groups II and IV of a RIL melon population derived from TGR-1551 (P. Beraldo-Hoischen, M.L. Gómez-Guillamón, A.I. López-Sesé)
Screening of Cucurbita germplasm for ToLCNDV resistance under natural greenhouse conditions (C. Martínez, S. Manzano, Z. Megías, A. García, R. Garrido, H.S. Paris, M. Jamilena)
Inheritance of resistance to Podosphaera xanthii in melon accessions AM-55 and AC-15 (E.W.L.P. Nunes, E.M. Martínez, F.A.S. Aragão, C. Esteras, G.H.S. Nunes, M.B. Picó)
Morphological and molecular characterization of new melon germplasm resistant to Podosphaera xanthii (E.W.L.P. Nunes, A.O. Ricarte, E.M. Martínez, C. Esteras, G.H.S. Nunes, M.B. Picó)
New tools for breeding cantaloupe melons: first introgression line collection of makuwa melons into Charentais genetic background (G. Perpiñá, C. Esteras, A.J. Monforte, M.B. Picó)
A new introgression line collection to improve 'Piel de Sapo' melons (G.E. Castro, G. Perpiñá, C. Esteras, A.J. Monforte, M.B. Picó)
Origin of the dessert watermelon, Citrullus lanatus (H.S. Paris)
Evaluation of genetic relationships among Hungarian and Turkish melon (Cucumis melo L.) accessions by SSR markers (C. Szamosi, O. Simsek, Y. Aka-Kacar, I. Solmaz, N. Sari)
Recessive resistance to CYSDV in melon TGR 1551 (J.D. McCreight, W.M. Wintermantel, E.T. Natwick, J.W. Sinclair, K.M. Crosby, M.L. Gómez-Guillamón)
Fruit and seed size in some mini watermelon lines (N. Sari, I. Solmaz, S. Pamuk, B. Cetin, M. Gocmen, I. Simsek)
Pleiotropic effects of CmACS7 on fruit growth and quality parameters in melon (Cucumis melo) (M. Martos-Fuentes, J.A. Lizarzaburu, E. Aguayo, C. Martínez, M. Jamilena)
Analysis of ABC genes during melon ripening (J. Corbacho, M.C. Gomez-Jimenez)
Early transcriptomic events involved in melon mature-fruit abscission (J. Corbacho, F. Romojaro, J.C. Pech, A. Latché, M.C. Gomez-Jimenez)
The effects of genotypes and irradiation doses on haploid embryo induction and plant production in bottle gourd [Lagenaria siceraria (Malign) Stanley] (P. Gok Guler, N. Sari, H. Yetisir, M. Yegul, Y. Kantoglu, B. Kunter)
Plant-pathogen interactions controlled by the Fom-1/Prv and Fom-2 loci of melon (G. Miller, A. Amitzur, M. Normantovich, R. Perl-Treves)
Isolation and characterisation of ethylene insensitive mutants from a collection of Cucurbita pepo L. (A. García, S. Manzano, C. Martínez, Z. Megías, J.C. Gázquez, M. Jamilena)
Evaluation of two potential Cucumis spp. resources for grafting melons (C. Gisbert, N. Gammoudi, M. Munera, A. Giné, M. Pocurull, F.J. Sorribas, M.B. Picó)
Pollen drying and storage for hybrid seed production of cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) (E.R. Palupi, R.M. Sidabutar, K. Wanafiah)
Evaluation of the Cucumis sativus yield by direct seeding versus transplanting in warm tropical regions, in open field and greenhouse (G.A. Salcedo, M. Pérez-Saiz, J. Reca-Cardeña, M.T. Lao-Arenas)
To set or not to set: new tools to study the control of cucumber fruit set (Y. Shnaider, Y. Brotman, R. Perl-Treves)
Evaluation of squash seed physiological quality using computerized image analysis (W.M. Nascimento, P.P. Silva, J. Marcos-Filho, F.G. Gomes-Junior)
Influence of amount and arrangement of pollinated flowers on squash hybrid seed production (W.M. Nascimento, G.P. Lima, R. Carmona, P.P. Silva, R.A. Freitas)
A study on exogenous spermidine improving resistance to powdery mildew in melon seedlings (X. Zhang, X.L. Li, C.M. Liu, L.H. Liu, R.P. Yang, J.X. Zheng, Y.L. Mo, M.M. Mo, J.J. Yang)
Race-specificity in interactions between Cucumis melo germplasm and Pseudoperonospora cubensis (A. Lebeda, E. Křístková, B. Sedláková, J. ¿těpánková, M.P. Widrlechner)
Influence of temperature on powdery mildew development in TGR-1551 (P. Beraldo-Hoischen, A.I. López-Sesé)
Evaluation of Cucurbita moschata × Cucurbita maxima rootstocks against ToLCNDV (M. Ferriol, C. Sáez, C. Gisbert, C. López, B. Picó)
Design and validation of an infectious clone of ToLCNDV, an emergent virus in south-east Spain (D. Cifuentes, J. Contreras, M.A. Aranda, C. Petri)
G×E×M strategies for melons in water limited environments (D.I. Leskovar, S.P. Sharma, K.M. Crosby, A. Volder)
Host plant resistance in melon to sweetpotato whitefly in California and Arizona (J.D. McCreight, W.M. Wintermantel, E.T. Natwick)
Effect of saline priming in Cucurbita ficifolia Bouché seeds on germination parameters and synthesis of proline (J. Olave, Ch. Santander)
Cucurbit-infecting viruses in Brazil (M.F. Lima, V.R. Oliveira, G.B. Amaro)
Identification of aphid resistance and correlation with physical characters of leaf in watermelon seedlings (X. Zhang, M.M. Wu, X.Z. Yang, Y.Q. Wang, L.H. Liu, X.L. Li)
Effects of pasteurization and storage time on watermelon juice quality enriched with L-citrulline (E. Aguayo, A. Martínez-Sánchez, A.C. Silveira, M.P. Tarazona)
Variation in glucose, α- and β-carotene and lutein content during storage time in winter squash "type Butternut" (F. Zaccari, M.C. Cabrera, A. Saadoun)
UV-C light preserves quality of minimally processed watermelon cylinders (P.A. Gómez, P.A. Robles, A. Tomás-Callejas, M. Otón, F. Artés, F. Artés-Hernández)
Fruto de zapallo Cucurbita moschata Duch. acondicionado por ensilaje salino (S. Ortiz)

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