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IX International Symposium on Artichoke, Cardoon and Their Wild Relatives

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Conveners   S.M. García, V.P. Cravero 
Editors   S.M. García, V.P. Cravero 
17 November 2016 
ISBN   978-94-62611-37-5 
ISSN   0567-7572 (print)   2406-6168 (electronic) 
Number of articles   61 
Place   La Plata, Argentina 
Online articles:
RAD2seq: an efficient protocol for plant genotyping by sequencing (A. Acquadro, L. Barchi, E. Portis, N. Carrasquilla-Garcia, M. Tirone, S. Lanteri, C. Comino)
Seed germination responses to salt stress in wild and cultivated Sicilian cardoon genotypes (S. Argento, G. Puglia, H. Pappalardo, M. Pulvirenti, M.G. Melilli, S.A. Raccuia)
Effect of nitrogen management on wild and domestic genotypes of cardoon for agro-energy purpose (F. Boari, M.I. Schiattone, N. Calabrese, F.F. Montesano, V. Cantore)
From Mediterranean basin to the Andean mountains, the long journey of the artichoke that unites different people and cultures (N. Calabrese)
Effects of kaolin on gas exchange, yield and head atrophy of artichoke, Cynara cardunculus L. subsp. scolymus (L.) Hayek (V. Cantore, M.I. Schiattone, N. Calabrese, F. Boari)
Effects of mycorrhiza and plant growth promoting rhizobacteria on yield and quality of artichoke (E. Colonna, Y. Rouphael, S. De Pascale, G. Barbieri)
Towards a genome-wide association (GWA) mapping approach in globe artichoke (C. Comino, E. Portis, S. Gianoglio, A. Acquadro, A.B. Pisanu, L. Baghino, D. Sanna, D. Rau, M. Rodriguez, G. Attene)
Genetic diversity of cultivated cardoon to select high biomass producing genotypes (P. Crinò, A. Correnti, A. Farneti, V. Tolaini, A. Ciancolini, L. Ardito, F. Saccardo)
The chloroplast genome as a tool for exploring genetic relationships among globe artichoke, leafy cardoons and wild artichokes (P.L. Curci, D. De Paola, G. Sonnante)
Morpho-agronomic variability of artichoke seed-propagated hybrids (F.S. De Nardi, E.O. Calvete, A. Reolon-Costa, R.C. Costa, V.P. Cravero, S.M. Scheffer-Basso, J.L.T. Chiomento)
Secondary metabolism response to inoculation with arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in artichoke seedlings (F.S. De Nardi, E.O. Calvete, R.C. Costa, M.F. Grando, A.C. Pedersen, C.T. Oliveira Neto, N. dos S. Trentin)
Yield, mineral and polyphenolic composition of two seed-propagated globe artichoke cultivars (S. De Pascale, Y. Rouphael, G. Graziani, A. Ritieni, G. Colla, A. Fiorillo, F. Saccardo)
Biochemical evaluation of artichoke cultivars propagated by seed (D. Di Venere, M. Pieralice, V. Linsalata, M.A. Gatto, L. Sergio, N. Calabrese)
Influence of irrigation on the chemical compounds in leaves in vegetative and reproductive stage and bracts of globe artichoke (Cynara cardunculus var. scolymus L.) (S.M. García, R. Rotondo, F.S. López Anido, E.L. Cointry, P. Santa Cruz, R. Furlán, A.M. Escalante)
Effect of gibberellic acid application on the content of active compounds in leaves and bracts of globe artichoke (Cynara cardunculus var. scolymus L.) (S.M. García, R. Rotondo, F.S. López Anido, E.L. Cointry, P. Santa Cruz, R. Furlán, A.M. Escalante)
Effect of Cynara extracts on multiple myeloma cell lines (C. Genovese, M.V. Brundo, V. Toscano, D. Tibullo, F. Puglisi, S.A. Raccuia)
Phytotoxicity of heavy metals in Cynara cardunculus L. growing in contaminated soil (C. Leonardi, H. Pappalardo, C. Genovese, M. Pulvirenti, V. Toscano, M.G. Melilli, S.A. Raccuia)
The potential of Cynara cardunculus L. for phytoremediation of heavy metal in contaminated soils (C. Leonardi, V. Toscano, H. Pappalardo, C. Genovese, S.A. Raccuia)
Mechanisms of phytoextraction in Cynara cardunculus L. growing under cadmium and arsenic stress (C. Leonardi, H. Pappalardo, C. Genovese, G. Puglia, G.D. Bua, G. Dugo, S.A. Raccuia)
Pre-transplant conditioning to mitigate heat, drought and biotic stresses in artichoke (D.I. Leskovar, Y. Othman)
Morpho-physiological characteristics and yield of early and mid-season globe artichoke (D.I. Leskovar, Y. Othman)
Inheritance of entire and lobed leaf in Cynara cardunculus L. (F.S. López Anido, E.A. Martin, S.M. García, I.T. Firpo, E.L. Cointry)
Successful transferring of male sterility from globe artichoke into cultivated cardoon (F.S. López Anido, E.A. Martin, S.M. García, E.L. Cointry)
The wild artichoke in the pampas: descriptions from the 18th and 19th centuries (F.S. López Anido)
Annual and multiannual production of different artichoke cultivars in northern Spain (J.I. Macua, I. Lahoz)
Seed artichoke in Navarre (J.I. Macua, I. Lahoz)
Lignocellulosic materials characterization of wild and cultivated cardoon (M. Mancini, M. Lanza Volpe, P. Badaracco, V.P. Cravero)
Quantitative trait loci (QTLs) related to biomass production in Cynara cardunculus L. (E.A. Martin, V.P. Cravero, E.L. Cointry)
Development of genetic maps and QTL analyses in Cynara cardunculus L.: state of the art (E.A. Martin, E. Portis, A. Acquadro, V.P. Cravero, E.L. Cointry, G. Mauromicale, S. Lanteri)
Phenology of two hybrids of artichoke (Cynara cardunculus L.) in Junin, Buenos Aires (J. Pomés, W. Chale, M.A. Masi, J.P. De Benedetto, C.T. Zanek, S.B. Martinez)
Production and response to Azospirillum brasilense inoculation in two globe artichoke hybrids (S.B. Martinez, J. Pomés, M.A. Masi, W. Chale, J.P. De Benedetto, M. Garbi)
Growing a population of cultivated cardoon (Cynara cardunculus var. altilis DC) for further selection as a reference energy crop (P.V. Mauri, A. Plaza, M.C. Amorós, J. Ruiz-Fernández, M.D. Curt, M. Sanz, J. Fernández)
Reduction of browning phenomena of minimally processed artichoke hearts (M.G. Melilli, S. Tringali, S.A. Raccuia)
Reduction of browning of minimally processed artichoke hearts treated by GRAS molecules (S. Tringali, M.G. Melilli, R. Bognanni, C. Platania, C. Genovese, C. Sillitti, S.A. Raccuia)
Artichoke: an uncivilized crop rich of diversity to be preserved and valorized (M.A. Pagnotta)
Assessment of artichoke hybrids under USA and Italian conditions and the hereditability of some important traits (M.A. Pagnotta, N.A. Rey, L. Mondini, R. Aringoli, R. Jordan, F. Saccardo)
Grafting of artichoke for the sustainable management of verticillium wilt (G. Pandozy, A. Trinchera, S. Rinaldi, E. Rea, F. Saccardo3, P. Crinò)
Factors affecting consumer preferences and willingness to pay for artichoke products (M.S. Segovia, M.A. Palma, D.I. Leskovar)
Effects of heavy metals on seedlings germination and growth in different cardoon genotypes (H. Pappalardo, C. Leonardi, C. Genovese, V. Toscano, M.G. Melilli, S.A. Raccuia)
Eight artichoke accessions show differences in cynarin content and Cshct and Cshqt gene expression during the growing season (M.T. Pino, O. Zamora, F. Aguayo, G. Saavedra, G. Tobar)
The globe artichoke microsatellite database (E. Portis, F. Portis, L. Valente, S. Gianoglio, S. Lanteri, A. Acquadro)
Characterization of a MADS Flowering Locus C – like (MFL) in Cynara cardunculus var. altilis under different sowing and planting density (G. Puglia, S.A. Raccuia, H. Pappalardo, C. Genovese, S. Argento, M.G. Melilli)
Fructose production by Cynara cardunculus inulin hydrolysis (S.A. Raccuia, C. Genovese, C. Leonardi, R. Bognanni, C. Platania, P. Calderaro, M.G. Melilli)
Dormancy-related genes isolation in Cynara cardunculus var. sylvestris (S.A. Raccuia, G. Puglia, H. Pappalardo, S. Argento, C. Leonardi, P. Calderaro, M.G. Melilli)
Evaluation of cardoon seeds presscake for animal feeding (C. Genovese, C. Platania, M. Venticinque, P. Calderaro, S. Argento, S. Scandurra, S.A. Raccuia)
Life cycle assessment of cardoon production system in different areas of Italy (F. Razza, L. Sollima, M. Falce, R.M.S. Costa, V. Toscano, A. Novelli, A. Ciancolini, S.A. Raccuia)
Morphological development of artichoke: focus on the subterranean system (A. Reolon-Costa, M.F. Grando, S.M. Scheffer-Basso, S.O. Guini, C.M. Carneiro)
Phenotypic recurrent selection in artichoke breeding (A. Reolon-Costa, M.F. Grando, V.P. Cravero)
Molecular characterization of two cycles of phenotypic recurrent selection in globe artichokes using microsatellite and SRAPs markers (A. Reolon-Costa, M.F. Grando, V.P. Cravero, E.A. Martin)
A successful strategy to obtain artichoke hybrids (N.A. Rey, R. Jordan, F. Saccardo, M.A. Pagnotta)
Evaluation of commercial arbuscular mycorrhizal inoculants on micropropagated early globe artichoke during the acclimatization stage (C. Ruta, A. Tagarelli, C. Vancini, G. De Mastro)
Globe artichoke virus free 'Argentina' first year evaluation on field (G. Saavedra, M.T. Pino, C. Blanco)
'Romolo' and 'Istar', first artichoke seed propagated hybrids enrolled into Italian national variety register (F. Saccardo, J.R. Jordan, G. Mancuso, P. Crinò, M.A. Pagnotta)
Effect of plant density on biomass yield of Cynara cardunculus (M. Sanz, P.V. Mauri, M.D. Curt, J. Sánchez, M. García-Müller, A. Plaza, J. Fernández)
Packaging conditions to preserve the quality of intermediate moisture artichoke (L. Sergio, M.A. Gatto, L. Spremulli, M. Pieralice, N. Calabrese, D. Di Venere)
Electromagnetic treatments of cardoon seeds affect plant growth and linoleic acid content (M.A. Sharaf-Eldin)
Healthy pasta production using inulin from cardoon: first results of sensory evaluation (C. Sillitti, M.G. Melilli, L. Padalino, R. Bognanni, S. Tringali, A. Conte, S.A. Raccuia, M.A. Del Nobile)
Exploration to use of globe artichoke cell cultures as bioactive compounds production (M. Meneghini, G. Pandino, S. Lombardo, G. Mauromicale, R. Tavazza)
Globe artichoke in vitro conservation protocol to meet germplasm preservation and production management (R. Tavazza, N.A. Rey, M.A. Pagnotta)
Pilot plant system for biodiesel and pellet production from cardoon: technical and economic feasibility (V. Toscano, L. Sollima, C. Genovese, M.G. Melilli, S.A. Raccuia)
Mapping of arid-cultural systems for biomass production with low energetic input in marginal areas (M. Falce, M.G. Melilli, F. Razza, R.M.S. Costa, L. Sollima, A. Novelli, A. Ciancolini, S.A. Raccuia)

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